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  1. Thanks for making the first bundle on TpT! I am going to wait until you do the Go Fish cards bundle so I don't have numerous small charges on my card. I am in SC, too, so you might be busy preparing for Hurricane Matthew like we are. I just wanted to let you that I appreciate you bundling items. Bundles are easier for me to keep track of resources, too. Also, I am glad I found your blog! It is great!

    1. You are so welcome! I will bundle most of my products so don’t buy individual ones! :) Yes, I meant to finish the Go Fish Bundle last night, but had to prepare to evacuate! Good luck preparing for Mathew! I am enjoying the beautiful colors of the leaves in the mountains in Asheville with my golden doodle! If you are on the coast and have to evacuate, safe travels!

      Also, please let me know if you have any other requests or recommendations! I am always happy to hear them!!

      Thank you again for contacting me and I have uploaded the Ultimate Go Fish! Phonics Games Bundle! All future Go Fish! games will be uploaded to this bundle as well! :-)


  2. Im a reading specialist, newly Orton trained and trying to incorporate the techniques in 3, sometimes 2 thirty minute sessions in a public school. Do you have any recommendations how to proceed? I always feel like I am leaving something out. I feel each step is so important, so I am having a difficult time planning out my lessons. I would really appreciate your suggestions!