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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A Sneak Peek Into My Traveling Orton-Gillingham/Dyslexia Therapist Bag

Are you a traveling tutor, Dyslexia Therapist, or resource teacher looking for ideas on how to take your supplies around with you? 

I currently work at a private practice as the Director of Dyslexia Therapy. The summer was wonderful for me as students came to my office from 8 am until 5pm Monday through Thursday and I had all of my supplies with me and accessible! Now since the school year has begun, I travel to area private schools to provide Dyslexia Therapy using the Orton-Gillingham Approach to my clients during their school day. I also work after school until 7/8 pm providing Dyslexia Therapy to students whose schools won't allow me to come in during the school day or choose to come after school. 

That being said, I needed to figure out a good system for traveling with my resources and how to keep things multi-sensory! 

Now let's take a peek inside my travel bag!

I found this amazing bag at Marshalls! It has all the pockets that I need. As you can see, I have my Wilson Phonogram Cards, Phonetic Readers, and various resources! Let's take a  deeper look inside:

I found great plastic binder inserts with snap closures that I store various games and activities in to use during my lessons. I found them at the Dollar Tree!

I put file cabinet folders that attach to the sides of the bag to keep my lesson plans nice and crisp through out my travels from school to school.

 Unlocking Literacy is a great resource that provides me with lists of non-phonetic words, morphology, and more! I certainly recommend it! I found mine on Amazon.
This is my OG bible! It is a Consortium of words developed by The Carroll School!
I purchased this resource off of William Van Cleave's Website. It is a little pricey, but well worth it!

Always a must have!
My students love when I pull out the jumbo dice to play a reading board game!
These boxes are perfect for keeping my game trinkets from going all over the place.
Keeping things multi-sensory as a traveling therapist is difficult! Sand would end up all over the place. These mats are great for finger tracing during the phonogram drill.
Felt squares are also great for finger tracing and/or tapping out sounds when spelling or reading.
Of course you can't forget your phonogram deck! I use the deck from Wilson Reading System. Also, my students love playing Go Fish! so I always keep differentiated decks on hand! You can find these Go Fish Games and More to fill your travel bag with at my TpT Store!

That is what was in my travel bag today! Each day it changes as the lessons change. I hope you were able to gather some new ideas! What's in your traveling therapist bag? I'd love to hear from you!!


  1. Thanks for sharing what's in your bag! I'm excited to buy and use your Go Fish games with my students. :) just wondering, what's stored in your toolbox with word parts?? Is this available in your TpT store?

  2. You're so welcome! Thank you for visiting my blog! I bought the toolbox at Lowes and have the labels available in my TpT store! I can fit a bunch of word games in them for each phonogram. My snatch games, go fish games, and word cards for board games (all available in my TpT store) fit perfectly! I store board games in a 10-drawer rolling cart (labels also available in my TpT store)! I also have a blog post about my Orton-Gillingham toolbox!! Thanks again for visiting my blog!