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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Orton-Gillingham Teacher Toolbox

Introducing the Orton-Gillingham Teacher Toolbox! All of your storage and organization needs solved! The OG teacher toolbox can be used in a tutorial room and even in the classroom! 

My ideas for how to use the OG Teacher Toolbox:
- use for differentiated phonics centers! Each child can be asked to work on a specific phonogram (sound/vowel team/spelling rule etc.). Inside the drawers can be an activity tailored towards them!
- use for storage of word cards for each phonogram 
- use for storage for game cards or even magnetic/foam letters 

Let's see what great ideas you come up with! Post an image on Instagram @specialinspirations

Setting up the OG Teacher Toolbox: 

I purchased the 18 drawer toolbox in the hardware section of Lowes! You  can also find one on Amazon! 

Print out the labels from my Teachers Pay Teachers Store and trim to fit depending on the toolbox that you purchased. All of the labels are designed to fit in the toolbox with larger drawers so that more can fit in them :) Arrange your toolbox to fit your needs! The Alphabet letters A-Z are also included and well as some supply labels to match!  

Here is the result of two complete toolboxes:

I hope you have fun making your OG Teacher Toolbox! I can't wait to see how you use it in your tutorial practice and/or classroom!

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