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Hi! I'm Colby, the creator of Special Inspirations! I have been a Dyslexia Therapist employing the Orton-Gillingham Approach for going on 6 years! During the first two years of my teaching career, I was a special education teacher for a K-2 class of children on the Autism Spectrum. After attaining my Orton-Gillingham Associate Member certification through AOGPE in 2014,  I began working 1:1 with students diagnosed with Dyslexia during after school hours. 

I worked as Dyslexia Therapist at a private practice where I am able to provided services during the school day to students in area private schools as well as after school at a private practice. Last year, I taught at a private school for children diagnosed with dyslexia as a 2nd/3rd grade teacher. I am currently a tele-therapist providing online Dyslexia Therapy.

Making reading fun and engaging is my passion! I am so fortunate to have the creative outlet that Teachers Pay Teachers provides! You can find many phonics activities and more in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store

When I am not creating or teaching, I love traveling with my husband (who is an Air Force Pilot), hiking with our goldendoodle, crafting on my cricut, shopping at Homegoods, decorating, and barre workout classes! 

Meet my pride and joy, Bentley!

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