About Me

Hi! I'm Colby, the creator of Special Inspirations! I have been a Dyslexia Therapist employing the Orton-Gillingham Approach for going on 4 years! During the first two years of my teaching career, I was a special education teacher for a K-2 class of children on the Autism Spectrum. After attaining my Orton-Gillingham Associate Member certification through AOGPE in 2014,  I began working 1:1 with students diagnosed with Dyslexia during after school hours. 

I am currently a full time Dyslexia Therapist at a private practice where I am able to provide services during the school day to students in area private schools as well as after school at a private practice. Making reading fun and engaging is my passion! I am so fortunate to have the creative outlet that Teachers Pay Teachers provides! You can find many phonics activities and more in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store

When I am not creating or teaching, I love playing outside at the beach with my goldendoodle, crafting on my cricut, shopping at Homegoods, decorating, and lots of traveling! 

Meet my pride and joy, Bentley!

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